“Does Insurance Cover It?”

If this Is the question you are using to choose your treatments, your doctors and your course of action you are missing it and it could cost you a lot more than just money. Totally opening a can of  worms here but it needs to be said and discussed.

Medical insurance is a business. It does NOT care about you as a person and it is not after the best treatments or prevention options for you

Please do not let insurance dictate your treatment. Please do not let it dictate your life.

Medical insurance RARELY pays for cutting edge treatments, the best healers, the preventative medicines, supplements, alternative and less invasive treatments.

It pays for the cheapest.
The most conventional.
And the “standard” of care.
It pays to FIX (sort of) and not PREVENT.

Is this fair? No.
Is it their fault? No.
They are a business and most businesses look to be as profitable as possible.

YOU are not standard.
YOU are not a business.
You ARE a living, breathing, HUMAN who deserves the best options.

So what do you do?

Ask questions.

And by ALL MEANS PLEASE make sure you are doing the free preventative basics…

Eating real natural unprocessed foods
Stop the toxic destructive habits like smoking, excessive drinking and worse.
Move your body (more)
Find peace and stress less
Get adequate sleep.

Please do not rely on insurance to FIX You or to treat you or to dictate your future.

Although it may feel like letting medical insurance dictate your treatment saves you $ now it can cost you much more later with the wrong treatments. It can cost you with your health, with your time, with your recovery, with MORE of your finances and ultimately with your life.

INSURANCE is not your doctor.
INSURANCE does not have your best interest.

Please do not let it dictate your treatment.

PS… I do NOT have an all around solution for this at all. Not at all. I wish I did. Starting the conversation here and sharing what I’ve WANTED to say and I’m looking forward to others thoughts and potential solutions around this.


Natalie Jill

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