We can do it ALL but should we?

We can do it ALL but should we?

We Can Do It All But Should We?

I was a teenager in the 80s and learned to be the QUEEN of mastering the to do list (literally would get excited crossing things of that dang list!)

I learned to wear working harder as a badge of honor.

I believed sleeping was for the dead and that breaks, naps, meditating and daydreaming were for those that did not want success.

I learned to DO MORE and to do it QUICKER.

I was the master at multi tasking and getting shizzzz done.

And I got a thrill from chasing new ideas, new ventures, new possibilities.

I did not say no to much AND I believed slowing down, taking time off, saying no and doing less was not productive.

Yes I CAN be a mom, run a business, be a wife, volunteer, and look good doing it all. I thought that was what we were supposed to do and to do it all perfectly and not messy.

Hustle hustle hustle hustle hustle and don’t ask for help or complain about it.

Dang… I was WRONG about alllllll of that.

Ya know what has increased my results?
Ya know what has increased my productivity?
Know what’s made me a better mom, wife, friend, coach and teacher?
Know what’s improved my health and helped me truly start aging in reverse?

Not any of those things I wore with a badge of honor.

What has worked?

Working less
Creating more space
Stopping multitasking
Saying NO to a lot
More “self care”
More day dreaming
Being present in anything I do
Deeper conversations
Asking for help
Living from love not competition
Being ok with messy
Dreaming. Visualizing. Breathing. LIVING

When you truly are ready to level up your life and start aging in reverse the first step is to DECIDE that there is a better way and it is NOT doing more.

Let’s have more fun
Let’s create more space
Let’s play more
Let’s day dream more
Let’s visualize
Let’s step into LIVING


Join us in my Aging In Reverse Community and step into the best 1/2 of your life… the second half.


Natalie Jill


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We can do it ALL but should we?