Flat Belly Mission

Flat Belly Mission

Flat Belly Mission! Is it FAT, Bloat or excess skin..

There are typically three things going on….

Belly Fat. Now if it’s excess fat, the good news is you can definitely get rid of it. The bad news is you cannot spot reduce, you can’t spot reduce, but what you can do is lose overall body fat. And that’ll show through in that mid section if you’re doing exercises to create muscle development in those areas. Okay, so how do you do that? Through changing your diet, eating a natural, unprocessed food diet, balanced the right way and not too much, and also through your workouts, by burning calories through your workouts. And then also by creating muscle, which makes it so you burn and use more fat and calories at rest.

BLOAT. Now if it’s bloating, that is typically typically diet related. It can be hormones, but it’s typically diet related. So how do you address that? Number one, you drink a lot more water. You see when you’re dehydrated and not drinking enough water, your body will hold on to excess water. So by simply hydrating more, you’re going to get rid of more water retention. The second thing is cleaning up that diet. Artificial sweeteners are a huge culprit of bloating. So if you’re chewing sugar, free gum drinking diet soda, you are going to bloat also known allergens like grains, like dairy. They may not affect everyone, but it might be affecting you. So by taking those things out, testing that out, you may shed that excess water weight.

Excess Skin. Now, how do you get rid of that excess skin? You can’t, but don’t worry, you can drastically change the appearance of it. Now, let me show you what I’m talking about here. So look, if you look at me clothes, this is excess skin from years ago when I lead a lot more and had just had a baby that’s excess skin that doesn’t go away. However, you can’t really tell, right? Because I have lost that overall fat. I’ve developed muscle in that area and I watch what I’m eating so I don’t have that bloat. So when you say, how do I get rid of that excess skin? That is how you don’t get rid of it. You change the appearance of it.

Watch the video below for how to address each 😊

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Natalie Jill


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Flat Belly Mission