When was it that you noticed you were really aging?

When was it that you noticed you were really aging?

When was it that you noticed you were really aging?

I remember the exact moment. I was 41 and a 21 year old was cutting my hair and I caught both our reflections in the mirror. For the first time I saw my spotted dryer skin against hers, my lines around my eyes against hers, noticed the grays coming in and it occurred that my youth was gone. The days of associating myself with the “young adult” were over.

My mind went to “how do I control and fix this”. And I started to chase that control.. Appointments, new techniques, dermatologist, stricter eating, more workouts…But you see, that helps you feel better but it doesn’t solve the problem and Father Time will compete faster than you can control it all. And the list of what you want to control grows and grows and that control consumed me.

But what happens when you rely on the way you look and it goes away?

When you have known your body looking and responding a certain way and now it doesn’t?

We all Age. We know this. But it still hits us hard when we really FEEL this. And….every woman realizes this at some point.

And what do you do?
Do you try to control it more?
Or do you accept aging gracefully?
Do you judge others handling it different than you?

We have so much more to offer than just our appearance but many don’t feel this way inside.

We start to question:
Who am I ?
What is my value?
What makes me relevant?

I grew a business in fitness and fat-loss but as I age too I see that is not the answer. So, what is?

To finally know who YOU are.
To LIVE authentically.
To feel free and confident

You don’t have to fear or hide aging.
You get to love yourself as you age and there is a way.

What’s at risk if you don’t?

If you do not make the connection that you are not just your appearance & that your authentic self has so much more to offer than you will struggle.

You are more than appearance.
You are more than others opinions of your appearance.And the crazy part is when you figure this out you actually LOOK YOUGER because you FEEL younger and that’s aging in reverse.


Natalie Jill

PS. TODAY the wait list for the first and largest “aging in reverse community” is OPEN!  www.aginginreverse.me

This will be epic… ARE YOU IN?


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When was it that you noticed you were really aging?