What is Face Yoga and does it work?

Ok, so maybe this is the post where you’re like, “Gina has officially lost her marbles.”

But hear me out. Maybe by the end of this post, you’ll be making extreme facial gestures…and liking it, too.

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This all began with Facebook ad targeting. I was talking about how the Pilot manages to give me at least 4 chins in every photo he takes. Facebook must have been listening, because before I knew it, this woman’s face was everywhere.

Her name is Fumiko Takatsu, and day after day, I’d see her face pop up in a Facebook ad or sponsored Instagram post. (I was like this lady has a solid marketing team in place.) When I saw a caption about how she’s over 50 and hasn’t used Botox or anything in her face, I was intrigued. I clicked, and found myself in a YouTube rabbit hole for about an hour after the girls went to bed.

Here’s how Face Yoga works:

– It’s targeted facial exercises to improve skin quality and wrinkles. The method actually makes sense: skin in your face starts to sag because you don’t use these muscles to their full capacity, and they become weak. By strengthening the muscles, the skin is able to remain tight and have a more youthful appearance. This obviously doesn’t affect skin elasticity – I think diet, skincare, hydration, and genetics all play a significant role in this – but it absolutely makes sense that a strong muscle will hold itself in place more efficiently than a sad, atrophied muscle.

– This was appealing to me because as of now, I have no desire to use Botox, injections, or do anything to my face. To be very honest, I’ve seen great work, and not so great work, and I feel like the face isn’t an ideal experimental area. I’d rather look a little old than look like an alien lol. (If you love Botox and injections, live your life! It’s just not something I’m choosing to do at this moment in time, and that could totally change.) Fumiko has amazing skin, and I figured she was in on something. I had nothing to lose, except the feeling that I look totally ridiculous when I do the exercises.

– She has paid courses available, but TONS of free Youtube videos. It’s worth noting that she is a joy to watch and listen to! I love her energy and her accent.

Here are some of the ones I’ve been using:

5 face exercises you need to know

Double chin exercises

Smooth out 11 lines

How to get rid of nasolabial folds

I just do these exercises before bed, after my skincare routine. They take maybe 3-5 minutes so it’s not a major time suck.

Do I think it’s worth it? Does Face Yoga work?

I’m in the camp of, “If it doesn’t hurt you, why not try it?” So I’ve been giving it a whirl. I have noticed my smile lines aren’t as deep. My WTF lines in my forehead are still there, but I notice them less when I do these exercises in combination with the overnight peel and don’t scowl so dang much. It’s something I’ll continue to do for now!

So what do you think? Bonkers or awesome?

Any interesting skincare rituals out there or anything unique that your family members have done? My great grandmother always used Noxema on her skin- no water. She’d just rub it on her face and wipe off with a washcloth, and she had incredible skin.

Hope you have a happy Monday and thanks for stopping by the blog today!



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What is Face Yoga and does it work?