27 years between these photos

27 years between these photos


27 years between these photos.

Dear 20 year old me…

First of all: Don’t worry flat irons are being invented (soon!)

Stop TANNING! I know its “cool and trendy now” but spots and wrinkles in your 40’s will never forgive you.

Love and appreciate dad now. He is about to leave this earth for good.

Don’t rely on college to create a future for you. You will never ever use high level algebra again. I swear.

Stop wearing heels every dang day. Your back will not be happy in 25 years.

Enjoy the space to be “bored” “day dream” and “deeply connect with people” because pagers, and then cell phones are about to ruin this for you and others forever.

Keep those high wasted jeans and scrunchies. They will be back in style in 25 years! Strange I know 😂

Stop waxing your eyebrows. The messy ones are coming back in.

Fat free gummy bears are not “good for you” because they are “fat free” you’ll see…

Stop being so critical of yourself. And surprise you will have a daughter that looks and acts just like you one day.



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27 years between these photos