Committing to Your Unfamiliar Possibilities with Lisa Nichols

Committing to Your Unfamiliar Possibilities with Lisa Nichols

Committing to Your Unfamiliar Possibilities
with Lisa Nichols

Years ago, Lisa Nichols was a struggling single mom on public assistance and she describes the day to me that she realized she couldn’t even afford a box of pampers for her son and had to wrap him in a towel.

It was in the rock bottom that Lisa decided that she had been more committed to her familiar discomfort then to unfamiliar new possibilities.

TODAY, Lisa Nichols  is one of the world’s most-requested motivational speakers, as well as a media personality and corporate CEO whose global platform has reached and served nearly 30 million people.

As Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Motivating the Masses, IncLisa has helped develop workshops and programs that have transformed the lives many!

Lisa’s extraordinary story of transforming her own life from public assistance for her family to leading a multi-million dollar enterprise is the inspiration behind her bold mission to teach others that it is possible to do the same. A noted media personality who has appeared on Oprah, The Today Show, The Dr. Phil Show, The Steve Harvey Show, and Extra – just to name a few, is also celebrated for the impact she has on the lives of teens. Through Lisa’s non-profit foundation Motivating the Teen Spirit, she has touched the lives of over 270,000 teens, prevented over 3,800 teen suicides, supported 2,500 dropouts in returning to school, and has helped thousands reunite with families.

Join in TODAY and learn exactly how Lisa Nichols LEVELS UP and created everything from nothing.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • Anyone can “do-it”
  • Why your past does not dictate your future
  • Why you need to get uncomfortable with new possibilities
  • Why you need to stop focusing on where you are


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Committing to Your Unfamiliar Possibilities with Lisa Nichols