Livi is 7!

7 years ago, we got to hold this little lovebug for the first time.

Livi and dad

My favorite pic


While I knew in that moment I loved her more than I thought I could love anyone or anything in the world,

I had no idea:

– that she’d be obsessed with the color green

The girls

– she’d be a major daddy’s girl

Tom and liv

– that she’d want to be an astronaut when she grows up

Livi pilot

– how much she’d really love Five Guys cheeseburgers

– that she’s the lip synching CHAMPION in our house (complete with killer dance moves)

Livi hamilton

– that she’d have the absolute kindest and sweetest heart

Hammer the horse

– that she’d become the best big sister


My hearts

and that it would be so darn fun to hang out with her.

Beach baby 1 of 1 2

Beach w my loves

She asks me questions about life that rock my world, makes me think every single day, and has taught me so much in 7 years.

Happy Birthday sweet Livi bear. I love being your mama. <3

7 year birthday collage

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Livi is 7!