Penelope says


“Penelope, stop doing that!”

“Oh yeah, sorry. I was just breaking it.” 


P was in the backseat, silent, which was weird, so I said,

“Hey P, are you doing ok back there?”

“Oh yeah. I’m just living my best life.”



Me: “Oooh did you just see that lightning?”

P: “ Why it must be GREASED LIGHTNING!” (We watch a little too much Grease over here)



To the doctor after giving Liv a checkup: “Thank you so much for taking care of my sister and helping her be healthy.”



After taking a sip of my Greenie from Nekter: “Mama, your green juice makes me sad.”



“When I was born, I was stuck in the tunnel… but they pulled me out. And I was ok.”


Like WHAT.

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Penelope says