36 More Reasons Why Evan is the Best Ever

Happy 36th birthday to my favourite lover, Evan!

If you’ve been following for a while you may know that I have a yearly tradition on Evan’s birthday where I post all the reasons why I think he is the best ever, with the number of reasons coinciding with how old he is turning (I started on his 31st birthday, so this would be the 6th year). Mostly the “reasons” are stories of what Evan has done or said throughout the year that either made me laugh really hard or think “you are just the best, ever.”

I also try not to repeat previous reasons but sometimes there’s a bit of an overlap. This will be 201 reasons total why he is the best ever, so there’s bound to be some familiar items if you’ve read any previous posts where I’ve raved on about how great he is (the rest are linked at the bottom if you’re interested).

Okay, without further adieu.

36 More Reasons Why Evan is the Best Ever


36  I love that all he wanted to do for his birthday this year was spend the weekend at the cottage alone with just me. It was a good call, we got the best sunset of the season!


35  When I was away for my bestie’s bachelorette weekend this summer, Evan had a few days to himself and he was looking for something to do. Do you know his number one choice and what he wanted to do more than anything? Take his mom to Niagara-On-The-Lake for the day and visit some wineries. So that’s what he did (I’ve mentioned before that I love how much he loves his mom!).

34  You may already know that Evan is very handy, and he’s done a lot of work in our condo building and for the people who live in our building (when he had his own renovations business, but he still does a lot of favours). So it’s generally known around here that if you need help with something, you call Evan. Last winter a few of the older ladies who live in our building needed help decorating the lobby for Christmas, one of them mentioned this to Evan, and of course he was down there immediately helping. He ended up spending the whole night with these 70+ ladies decorating, listening to Christmas carols and drinking wine.


33  There’s an old man who lives in our condo building, let’s call him Frankie, who Evan has become friends with (not the one whose computer Evan fixes, another old man…though Evan also fixes Frankie’s tech stuff) and Evan really has a soft spot in his heart for him and tends to go out of his way to do thoughtful things for him. Frankie likes to do woodworking and such in the workshop in the basement (which he has given Evan access to as Evan also enjoys such things), so Evan occasionally goes down there and hangs out with him while he’s working in the evenings.

Evan recently got his hands on an old Singer sewing machine that no one wanted, and rather than try to sell it (it’s a hot hipster item!), he decided to give it to Frankie as a project for him to restore. Evan left it in the workshop for him, and then called to tell him he left a surprise in the shop for him. I did not witness Frankie’s reaction but I am sure it made his entire year.

32  I unfortunately never got a chance to meet Evan’s grandfather, Bubby. He passed away just after we started dating (actually his memorial was the first time I met most of Evan’s family, including his mom). But I didn’t need to meet him to know how much Evan is like him. I can just tell. Every time I hear a story about Bubby I think about how it reminds me of something Evan would do. Here’s my favourite:

Bubby was on a fishing trip with a bunch of his buddies and they were staying in a cabin with very thin walls. Generally you could hear whatever was going on in the bathroom. Bubby sneakily hid an empty 2L bottle under the sink and when he went in to use the washroom he filled it up and then verrrry slooooowly poured it loudly into the toilet. So from the outside it sounded like he was peeing for like 5 minutes. And he would mix up the speed, so it would slow to a dribble and then pick up again to full force. Apparently it was very hilarious and it makes me laugh thinking about it, mainly because that is such an Evan prank!

31  I’ve mentioned this many times before but his dinners, man. His cooking is amazing. I rarely take pictures of my food anymore, but here’s an example of when he wanted to do a Cuban night.


When I was eating keto (very low carb, I did it for three months in the spring, and this will need to be a separate post sometime because I really liked it), he made it so much easier for me because he cooked so often, and he would make carb-free meals for me. One day I came home from work and he had made bone broth, keto-friendly dinner, AND he repaired the bathroom ceiling. Ugh, he is the best.

30  MY mom is coming to visit for a week and Evan is the one doing all the little things to prepare for her arrival. He’s cleaning the bathrooms, vaccuuming, he’s planning our dinners.

29  You know those pint glasses that were available in Bud cases that light up when the Blue Jays get a home run? Evan wanted one so badly and he couldn’t find them here so he ordered one online. He ordered one for himself and, I found out later, he also ordered one for a man who lives in our condo building who lost his wife to cancer last year as well as his dog recently, and Evan knew he’s a big Jays fan (because he had done some work in his unit and noticed the Jays shrine). When Evan surprised him with the glass he accepted it with tears in his eyes and said that he didn’t think that anyone thought about him anymore, and that Evan had no idea how much this meant to him.

That is a really good example of every day thoughtful Evan. Many times he does things like this I never even hear about them. Probably because he knows I’m going to talk about it on the internet. But he’s an example, the world needs to know!

28  When Evan and I went to the Prince Edward County Beer Fest last fall I entered into the beer keg throwing competition. Basically you had to throw a beer keg over a clothesline that got higher every round.


I was doing really well and after one particularly decent throw a guy yelled out “Whoa, that was effortless!” and Evan proudly exclaimed to everyone around him “THAT’S MY WIFE!!!!”


I thought that was so cute.

27  Evan is naturally very good at things. Throwing balls mainly, but random weird things as well. He’s never shot a bow and arrow before but when we were in Mexico in February he gave it a shot, and OF COURSE he hits the apple, the ultimate target, on his second try. Of course.


26  This year Evan was elected onto our condo board of directors. I mean, it makes sense, he’s already doing a bunch of things for everyone in our building anyway. His platform that he ran on was keeping up with the maintenance in our (older) building because we’re in an up-and-coming area and we want to invest in ourselves so we don’t fall behind. I was very proud.

25  Evan is very safe and just generally has an interest in safety (I can’t say that I really do so I guess it works out well). He got a new job this year (so he no longer has his renovation business), and every week his team starts their weekly meeting with a quick safety presentation. He works in the elevator industry but the presentation can be on anything, it doesn’t have to be industry-specific. When Evan was offered to start the meeting with a safety presentation he decided to do it on ticks and lyme disease. And of course, he took this very seriously.

Well apparently the head of their location sits next to the conference room and he heard much of Evan’s presentation. So he called up Evan a few days later and was like “Hey, I heard a bit of your presentation on ticks and lyme disease and it sounded really interesting, would you mind sharing it with our entire team?” So, the next week Evan got to do his presentation in front of everyone in his office. And I’m sure it was a hit. He said he had props, like pictures of ticks at every stage, from larvae to adult. It just makes me laugh hard.

24  Also related to his new job, Evan overheard his boss referring to him as “Teflon” as in things don’t stick to him, they just roll off. This is such an accurate description of him. It’s so true, he does not let things get to him!

23  For my bestie Lisa’s bachelorette (I will blog about this at some point because we had an AMAZING time!), Evan went to Winners (without me prompting him) and bought a bunch of stuff for us for the weekend that matched our mermaid theme, and then he also randomly bought Lisa a big inflatable cat, which was the best surprise.

22  And then when Lisa came in from the airport he had dinner ready and waiting for her when I arrived home with her.

21  On the day of Lisa’s wedding the bridal party was running around all morning getting ready and getting pictures and all the wedding things, so by the time the ceremony was due to start we were STARVING and we badly needed  a drink. I texted Evan this and he showed up to where we were waiting with a box of wine and McDonalds cheeseburgers. He knows the way to all of our hearts.

20  Evan is quite calm, steady and mild-mannered, while I tend to get overly excited about everything. He tells me that our personalities are so good together because I bring him up to where he needs to be! And he brings me down to almost where I need to be. Hahaha.

19  Just this delicate slow tumble.

I have watched it over and over again and it makes me laugh every time.

18  He lets my friends and I be totally ridiculous to him. Actually, I think he likes and encourages it.


17  Evan has done so many favours for people in our condo building that many of them have started bringing us food as a thank you–it’s so great! There’s one family that makes these amazing Asian noodles with seafood and crisp vegetables, and now whenever they’re making them they call Evan over and send him home with a full container of noodles! And our other neighbours made us Filipino style spaghetti and empanadas! I am just cashing in on his good deeds!

16  The love he has for our kitties just melts my heart. And I love that I routinely get photos like this.


15  During my speech for Lisa’s wedding I had just finished a little punchline and I caught Evan’s eye and I will never forget the look on his face. He genuinely looked like he was hanging onto my every word and was SO proud (I didn’t read it to him or anyone else before so it was a surprise). I could tell that I was just shining in his eyes and it gave me the confidence to continue to go for it.

14  I was telling a story about Evan to Lisa’s good friend and she was like “You look SO happy whenever you talk about your husband, I love it!” I feel so happy whenever I talk about my husband, so I’m glad it shows.

13  This was in a previous best ever but it still happens and actually happened THIS MORNING so I’m bringing it up again. Sometimes in the morning before I leave for work when I hug and kiss him goodbye he’ll hold me out at arm’s length and say “Wait, let me look at you. You are just so beautiful!”

12  As many of you can probably relate, I tend to horde various bottles of half-used products in the shower (I’ve gotten a lot better but I still have too many in there). Recently when Evan was cleaning the bathroom he pulled all the shampoo bottles out of the shower and placed them on the floor, and then he called me over and was like “Sweetie, can you tell me the story of the shampoo bottles?” I thought it was such a nice an gentle way to say “Hey, you have an excessive amount of shit in here, get rid of it.” And it made me laugh.

11  He is so incredibly hilarious and it gets me every time because it is ALWAYS unexpected. Even for me. It’s like a sneaky funny. You think he’s quiet but he’s just observing–he really knows how to read a crowd and then respond with what everyone will think is funny. It’s a gift. My friend Emily made a comment about this to me recently that really summed everything up — “I like Evan’s style of funny. He doesn’t have to be the flashy headliner of the show but he is definitely my favourite act!” I could not agree more. I love his style of funny, and he is always my favourite act.


10  He continues to always offer me the last piece, the best piece or the biggest piece of everything we’re eating, well last weekend when we had friends at the cottage he gave away his best smore! So it’s not even just to me.

I love how competitive he is with me at OrangeTheory. He is my favourite partner and working out beside him makes me work a LOT harder.


8  He likes to say that for our Greece trip he just showed up, since I planned pretty much the entire thing and he didn’t really know what we were getting up to. I had definitely told him about things but it didn’t sink in for him I don’t think until we were there doing it. Anyway, I love that he trusted me enough to plan our entire trip for both of us. And he told me that he loved it so much that he wouldn’t have changed a thing.

7  He’s not afraid to match with me in public.


6  And he’s not afraid to make fun of himself, or look “uncool”.






5  When we were out west recently for Lisa’s wedding, a bunch of us (16 couples) went to Jasper and spent the weekend there in little cabins on a lake. It was so much fun. While there, we decided to go on a little hike. Well, the hike was slightly more strenuous than we had pictured and we accidentally walked in the wrong direction for a while, so the hike ended up taking an hour and a half longer than it should have. At one point, we were all trudging silently in single file on the trail, thinking that we just wanted to be done. Our friend Dallas, who is a firefighter in Alberta, was walking in front of Evan for a while and Evan was staring at the back of his FIRE RESCUE t-shirt so he finally broke the silence with “Now if only there was someone here who could fireman-style carry me out of here.”


If only.

4  Evan knows that my celebrity crush is Steve Martin, so for my birthday this year Evan got me tickets to An Evening With Steve Martin!


It actually wasn’t that great but I still appreciated the effort. And Steve Martin looked as dashing as always.

3  I went to see Annie the play with friends back in the spring and I took this stupid photo in front of the sign.


I don’t know what I was doing. In my head I looked better than I actually looked. Anyway, I sent the photo to Evan and the next day he sent me his Photoshopped version of the picture. Because he thought I looked like Zorro.


2  I love that when we are traveling together we’re on the same page about what we want to do. We want to explore, but mostly that entails eating and drinking all the local things. He is just as food-oriented as I am and it is so great. I don’t care about going to a club but sure I will go on a night adventure for our third gyros of the day, if we can get a beer.



1  Wow, number one already. I think number one is all the reasons. I am still so thankful every day that I get to live my life with someone so thoughtful and funny and caring and hardworking to not only me, but everyone in his life. He is my comrade in adventure, my ally in conflict, my greatest fan and toughest adversary, my consolation in disappointment, my accomplice in mischief, my partner in all things and my lover for life (as per our wedding vows). Evan, you are the best and I am the luckiest.

So a big happy birthday to Evan!

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