Funniest Workout Trends Ever!

Working out should be fun right? That feeling of achievement and success when you’ve finished a hard class or a long run, that’s fun! But looking back sometimes working out isn’t just fun – it’s funny! So let’s take some hilarious, weird, and downright silly workout trends from the past.

80’s Workout VHS Tapes

Would we really be making a list about funny workout trends if we didn’t talk about the 80’s?! From the short shorts to the leotards, 80’s workout fashion really takes the cake. But hey, if you are looking for buns of steel and a good laugh, these VHS tapes can really help you get your heart rate up!











Vibrating Belt Machines

Let me start off by answering the question on everyone’s mind, no these do not work. Trust me, if there was a magic machine that just shook away the fat I would be all over it. Until there is a magic machine, you can shake your hips in a dance class to shake off the fat.

Infomercial Workout Equipment

Who else watched infomercials when they stayed home sick as a kid? From the Bowflex to the Gazelle, I was convinced that the key to being healthy was just four payments of $19.99!

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Funniest Workout Trends Ever!