003: Interview with the Pilot

When I decided I wanted to started a podcast, the Pilot was my very first interview guest! This was my first time podcasting ever, so it’s a little high on the “like” and “for sure” scale. Thankfully I caught it early, and this is still a fun episode with random tidbits and lots of life/marriage tips.

The status of our personal relationships can have a huge impact on our overall health and wellbeing. In this episode, the Pilot and I talk about the strategies we use to keep our relationship strong (yay, nerd dates), how we deal with stress, and answer some reader questions. 

In this episode:

-Our *kind of* moving schedule

-How we plan time for workouts

-Tips for maintaining a healthy marriage

-Nerd dates and

-The Pilot’s stress mentality 

If you enjoyed this episode, please consider leaving a rating or review! This means more people will be likely to see it. Next week, I’ll have an episode up from Dr. Patrick Flynn to talk about women’s hormones.


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003: Interview with the Pilot